• How do I pay?

    Our payment partner PayEx supports VISA and MasterCard.

  • When will I receive a refund after returning a product?

    A refund will be made within approximately 7 working days.

  • Do prices include VAT and Customs?
    VAT and Customs are generally included.
    In the case of any additional costs, you will be notified before completing your purchase.
  • I just placed an order and I regret my purchase. What do I do?

    Please contact the brand you placed your order with. They will cancel your order if it hasn’t yet been shipped. You’ll receive a refund within a few days.

  • Am I able to register more than one credit card?
    Yes, you are able to register several credit cards. You are also able to remove stored credit card information at any time.

About us

THEMOON is a company presenting brands and their full product lines at a virtual and social shopping destination – in app. By integrating the brands existing e-commerce solution to our platform, we are able to swiftly widen the brands social and commercial reach.

THEMOON designs each brand store in close cooperation with the brand.

People and user experience is our main focus, and we are continuously working to improve ourselves and the experience at THEMOON.

Our target is to reach out to people regardless of age, gender, culture, ethnicity  or any other so-called stereotypes.

This app represents the beginning of virtual and social shopping. New brands will be presented in the coming weeks, and so will new functionality. Our main focus now is to learn from the experts – those using THEMOON Shopping.



Kjell Hausmann
Investor contact and business developer
+47 905 80 715

Katinka Fagerhaug
Brand Manager
+ 47 412 68 740


Dag Rønsen

Frode Vekseth
System architect

Thomas Wollbekk
Creative Director

Heidi M. Scheie
Chairman of the board, chairwoman

Dag Høili
Co-founder and Board Member

Bengt Thuresson

Any questions?

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Terms and conditions

THEMOON Shopping is an online shopping platform. All brands presented at THEMOON Shopping are independent entities, and THEMOON Shopping is not a part of any transactions.

The brand's terms and conditions are presented in their brand store.

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